La Ferme Racine du Cœur / HeartRoot Farm
86 chemin Vallerand (Rang 6), St.-Hubert-de-Audet, Qc. G0Y 1A0
( près de Lac Mégantic )                         819 583 5986

HeartRoot Farm is 240 acres of protected land near Lac-Mégantic, Qc. on the border of Maine at the northernmost tip of the Appalachians and the White Mountains – a place of solace and communion with Nature where we continue to teach, to harvest and transform wild herbs, and to mark the solstices and equinoxes with retreats, rituals and celebrations.

Facilities available: Use of the kitchen (including spices and staples); sheets, blankets, towels, biodegradable and organic toiletries and paper goods, and laundry facilities; art supplies; the meditation room (includes candles and incense); the trampoline; snowshoes; the library; access to the fields and forests on the Farm; access to the gardens and harvesting of herbs and other plants (under supervision); group meditations, teaching and treatments (fees for treatments);chanting workshops (fees apply); proximity to the many lakes, mountains, hiking trails, and cultural events in the region of Lac Megantic.

Personal Retreats

Are you working on a book or a piece of music, or needing to work on a personal issue, away from your daily routine? Have you burned out, or are you finding that Life is just spinning too quickly for you to be able to focus on what is essential in your life? Do you know that you have to make some changes in your and need some peace and stillness to go inside and clarify what they might be?
Heartroot is a place of refuge and retreat, where the natural environment and community of conscious interdependence are supportive of the Inner Path.
Contact us for more information.

Work Trade Possibilities

Heartroot Farm offers work trade possibilities for those who would like to exchange labour for courses or room and board. We are often in need of childcare, and there are numerous seasonal tasks and ongoing projects that could use your help. Please contact us if you would like to know more or if you would like to set up a work trade exchange with us.