Welcome to Heartroot

A spiritual community, honoring the individual’s personal Path and place in the web of existence.
We choose to teach, foster, promote, and establish communication, interrelationship, and interdependence between humans and All Our Relations. We intend living in communion with all other dimensions of Existence, aware that we each have inherent purpose by simply being.
We engage and endeavor to create guardianship and sanctuary for all species to manifest Who They Are, celebrating, honouring, and cherishing the Earth in all her manifestations. The place that we call “Heartroot” has been a centre of gathering and healing since the First People. We are honoured to be stewards of this land and its energies.
Meditation, guided visualizations and chanting are the cornerstone of the Heartroot community and our individual and group intentions to embody Light to the utmost of our capacities.
Our ingredients are mostly local, organic and vegetarian, and the food we prepare for you is based in an understanding of your individual needs as well as the elements necessary to support the natural cycles of personal growth.
Noetic Bodywork is derived from traditional Oriental Medicine and the indigenous American Medicine Wheel, as well as a conviction of the importance of each individual in our planetary evolution, We recognize humans as beings with roots deep in the Earth and at the same time imprisoned by beliefs that negate the essential purity and perfection of the Earth and the matter and flesh that come of her. Our intention is the unconditional acceptance of all states of Being, and the understanding that WE ARE NOT BROKEN. Relating to the World with integrity and dignity is a challenging, comic, intense, spiritual discipline. We accept that each one of us carefully sculpts a Reality which will guide us to self-knowing, and therefore the Life with which we choose to surround ourselves reflects what we choose to observe in ourselves. This is a source of much humour, joy and gnashing of teeth, all of which is shared in the Heartroot community. We intend to be fully conscious and responsible for our lives and relations, and to be so with the full spectrum of our Humanity – for Humanity, too, is Light!
We work with natural permaculture principles; the land is our source of guidance. Learning to listen to the Earth and our bodies is a major aspect of the work we do at Heartroot.
We ask that visitors and Heartroot community members contribute to our on-going projects and maintenance. This is not work exchange, but rather a Give-Away – a gifting of one’s energy to the Circle of Life that sustains us all.
• Meditation and spiritual practice
• Workshops, courses and apprenticeship
• Complementary Healing
• Personal retreats
• Work-trades
• Rental space for workshops and courses
• Equinox and Solstice retreats and celebrations
• Concerts
• Fellowship